Straw Pellets 

    We offer regular, soft and extra soft pellets by parameters below:

  • Raw material type is only wheat straw, no additives. 
  • Dust free
  • No bacteria - straw is treated by heat to avoid mould and fungus
  • Moisture content less 12% (We guarantee this)
  • Buk density 610-640 kg/square meter
  • Low dust
Pellets could be packed in comfortable daily usage pack for 15 kg, or for industrial usage by 1000 kg big bag.
Minimum order for straw pellets- 24 tons.

Wood pellets

6 mm DIN+ standart pellets in small bags all round the year!

Calorific value ± 18Mj/kg

Ash ±6%

Moisture <5%

Pellets could be packed in comfortable daily usage pack for 15 kg.

Minimum order for wood pellets - 24 tons.

Soon we inform you about horse feed....